Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i lost my ipod (long weekend)

got back into physical fitness this weekend, time to keep it up, even without an mp3 player
friday night went dancing at a place called m2 havent been to a giant club in a long time was fun and frustrating in that i forgot sometimes, even in a huge crowded club, people who do not want to dance will push their way through the dance floor to just stand there also, we were out for maybe 6 hours all told, and i drank a whole 5 drinks, so i got home at 3am or so, but was up at 10am with a clear head v refreshing
saturday i play basketball in the rain, then ate the spiciest fish dish in my life (아구찜):

i mean, i am a sweater, but this was beyond what my body normally does it was also delicious then played some billiards and pocket pool (getting a bit better at billiards) followed by sake then a street fight which i didnt partake in but was there for watching a stranger deliver a flying jump kick out of the blue kinda shakes you up a bit
sunday was a wash, did nothing in particular besides take a gigantic walk and watch yojimbo
yesterday, bought groceries, cleaned, dry-fried some tofu (to be eaten tonight most likely), went for a run and a light workout--most parks in korea have exercise equipment in them, its a great idea--found out tomatoes in korea are tasty, and then watched some improv

oh improv,
god knows people know no embarrassment
you are geeky
and the best line
was the real line
'ladies and gentlemen,
one of our members had a seizure
so we will be starting in about 10 minutes'

today, more basketball, and coming up with a goddamn lesson for the first graders


KRIS said...

i thought "pocket pool" was something unrelated to billiards...

kevin.thurston said...

i had a joyous time singing and explaining to young the song 'turning japanese' by the vapors at 노래방

KRIS said...

you should've just showed him the Pop Up Video version. that's how i learned it.