Friday, May 15, 2009

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brian kim stefans:
Actually, I have made this point in my writing about Language Poetry -- that, for the most part, they strategically ignored a whole slew of continental precedents for their work, including near contemporaries like the Situationists, or Ian Hamilton Finlay, etc., which is just what I think happens in literature -- minor renaissances when old, forgotten ideas become fresh again (usually because the "traditionalists" want to clamp down on anything they see as deviant, but in this case because an avant-garde wanted to state a unique case). [emphasis added]

Actually, Lautreamont is seeming more like Kenny the more I learn

kenneth goldsmith:
I would say Lautreamont "sampled" rather than plagiarized wholesale, a mistake as well often attributed to Acker.

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Ian Keenan said...

Langpo didn't state a unique case at any time

Lautreamont wrote he didn't sample or declare himself uncreative

I'm jealous of all the seafood soup over there but there's pretty good seafood soup here