Sunday, May 17, 2009

art n life

this friday went to see glen hansard and the frames, the mostly played songs from the movie 'once', however they had an excellent cover of astral weeks. when they encored i said to the person with me and said, 'i hope they play something loud from *fitzcarraldo*'. they then played *fitzcarraldo*. how easy was that? i think it was in part because they are known as being a better live band than on record (and this album version isn't as good as they one they played live).

actually, let me say this about a change i am having in aesthetic pleasure. i no longer need to like something aesthetically to enjoy it. what i ask in the performance is that it couldn't be done any other way. that is, some type of necessity or compulsion needs to be present in the presentation. if, however, i find that necessity or compulsion *and* i enjoy it aesthetically, then i am thrilled.

anyway, here is the song:

and here is a clip from the movie:

soon, more to be blogged about movies--bamboozled and 63 years later. couldn't find much on-line in my quick search for 63 years later, but there was this, so as to give you an idea:

Another documentary - 63 Years Later, directed by Kim Dong-won (Repatriation) also moved viewers with its interviews of former comfort women including a Dutch woman from Indonesia and Filipinas.

With the Japanese government refusing to acknowledge responsibility for the comfort women, the film has a near Michael Moore-esque moment when US president George W. Bush claims satisfaction from a Japanese prime minister giving a non-apology. Made for TV, the film is narrated in English and aims for overseas distribution.

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