Monday, March 16, 2009


banned from japanese girls, korean ROTC, last train home, cold night, racist cabbies, who *are* you/what have you done with kevin?, have an english accent, GOMORRA, liking 'webispodes/webisodic' but finding the name moronic, drunk dialed at 3 from ireland, what completely single person has sex sober before 10am, 강남>남부>강남>express>강남, pepperoni pretzels and kathy acker, everyone has shaved, UNI GLO, trinkets trinkets trinkets,, improv practice being better or worse than actual improv, spice smoke smoke walk, dr fish, these fish are bigger, shopping in korea: cell phone, socks, back scratchers, crab in bucket, bad chinese, learing the yong hand massage (마사지), garth marenghi's darkplace

in honor of j sirois. check out his blog, which includes his delicious new book cover design