Friday, March 6, 2009

back to our regularly scheduled programming

school resumed this week, and, as always, i was the last informed of many significant things. to help combat this problem, i have started asking questions as otherwise i will never have *any* advanced warning of anything.

my classes seem pretty good this year, with only one or two dead classes where the students just look at me. i thought dead air was only a concern for radio.

my schedule is a bit nasty, i only have two classes on tuesdays which means i have 5 on wednesday and thursday. by thursday, students were comfortable with saying hello again, and it turns out that one of my first year students (i just met them this week) is already in love with me. sadly, 'all' of the people in love with me are western age 12-15, so it isn't very helpful.

today as i walked home, tired from my first week back to work, a high school boy called me over and asked me to buy him some cigarettes. while i have been in this boy's position before, what made the whole thing unique and exciting was that he asked all of this in korean AND I UNDERSTOOD. excitement got the best of me, i asked him 'how many packs?' and when he said four, i told him i would buy him two. then i asked what kind, 'mar-a-bo-ro-red-uh'. these kids are tough.

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