Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Let's Read

Mike needed some things at the store. Mike and Ann went shopping together. They pushed the cart. They just looked at the yellow bananas, the green peas, and the orange carrots. They saw candy and chocolate. Mike didn't put anything in the cart.

They walked up and down every aisle, and their shopping cart was still empty. They were getting very tired.

Ann said, "You needed something at the store, didn't you?' "Yes, I did," said Mike. "But I can't remember anything. It wasn't peas or carrots. I just cannot remember!"

"Next time, make a shopping list and be a wise shopper," said Ann. "You can write everything down. Then you won't forget it."

"That's it!" said Mike. "Thank you, Ann. Now I remember! I need some paper and pencils for a shopping list."

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