Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it must be the start of art season in the united states. why else would i have dreamt last night that i performed? conrad would argue that i did perform, i am sure. he likes to argue things that cannot be disputed one way or the other. after all, i was not around to verify that i did not perform, only to awake in my bed later on. who is to say i didnt take a trip back home last night? perhaps i hit a wormhole. perhaps i didnt take a trip at all, and numerous people came to seoul, just to see me perform. i cant believe those cunts havent contacted me since. i have plenty of reason to be happy here with friends like those.

where was it? i dont know. i know i had a coatrack. i know i had a coatrack and a small television screen, similar, but not the very ones, that i see numerous koreans using on the subway to watch television programs--do i know they are television programs?. i will believe they are. believing they are watching television programs, i had a screen, similar, but not the very ones, koreans use on the subway to watch television programs. it was affixed to my coatrack. the venue's coatrack. the coatrack was made of wood, like the one on leawood. a tripod, only two of the tripod's legs were separate pieces of wood, the main beam--mast?--was abused by a craftsman to make it bend, or perhaps they cut and sanded the main beam, doesnt matter, to create one unified piece of wood which served at one and the same time as the main beam--mast?--and the third leg of the tripod. the small television screen, similar, as we know by now, to the ones koreans use on the subway to watch television programs, was affixed to the coatrack, above the coathooks. a digital INRI. but why not plasma? after all, if it was korea, LG and numerous other companies surely (the confidence) have plasma television screens. but that is not what i want to go on about.

my set list, as i refer to it, wishing i was a musician, was nailed below the coathooks. looking back on it, if i was to perform this performance, should i ever have really performed it, again, i would switch where the television screen--no, not again--and the set list as a nod to my catholic roots. but since i may have very well performed in seoul, i am glad the, ahem, television screen was placed on top, merging my catholic upbringing with a nod to paik nam june's multi-media sculptures.


gm said...
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gm said...

so I guess you decided to go with the complete prose [of SB]

kevin.thurston said...

in deed

much funnier (even more funny?) now that i have a few more years on me too. perhaps, also, reading many more current things, i am not just dazzled by the shape.