Monday, July 13, 2009

my ear infection

i am on anti-biotics for the 2nd time, carrying over into a 3rd week
the first time was simple enough, i had a throat infection, couldnt speak, 3 day anti-biotic, all better this time is much more devious

maybe three or four weeks ago when i was laying in bed trying to go to sleep a bug flew into my year i had a quick adrenaline sweat, paced around my apartment, stuck scissors in my ear, rinsed my ear out, debated going to the hospital, got to experience the incredibly unique sensation of a bug vibrating in my ear, and somehow managed to fall asleep

the following day i told two people about this: a canadian in her early 20s, and a korean in her mid 40s. the canadian told me since it wasnt bothering me, i should do nothing and that my body would naturally expel such an intruder, but i should never put scissors in my ear again. the korean simpy kinda laughed, offering no advice. having only one option, i went with the canadian's opinion

as mentioned, i then had a throat infection

last thursday (9.7.09 or 7.9.09) i was out with a friend, and by the end of the night my ear, left, the one that a bug flew into, felt a bit tender i simply hoped i could ignore it friday morning when i woke up, i realized that was not an option my ear hurt and/or itched internally when i arrived at school i informed the same korean woman in her 40s, she advised i go to the hospital recalling that a bug was involved with my ear just a little over a week before

i recently watched 'kill bill vol 1' and 'kill bill vol 2' i prefer volume 1, tho both are good the problem with volume 2, if it is in fact a problem, is that it gets very talky at the end, and really wants to wrap everything up taratino (quentin) is a fine director and often jabs conventions, wouldnt say he over-turns them tho anyhow, if the purpose of all the talking, and the down playing of the actual killing of bill (it is not an epic battle) is to upset the conventional revenge pic, well, that wasn't enough there is a scene in 'kill bill vol 1' wherein bride is buried alive inside of a coffin a classic fear she scratches at the cover before she recalls her training and ruptures the wood in order to free herself i want to focus on the scratching

the insect scratched at my ear canal as it was dying, this caused an infection perhaps the very 'unique sensation of a bug vibrating' in my ear is when the scratching took place there is no way to know

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