Monday, April 27, 2009

stuck but content
when i clean i simple moves piles throughout my apartment and clean what was underneath the piles
have thought about art, and hope to firmly commit to someday thinking 'thinking about art is art'
weird little jobs and their potentials are springing up, all of which thus far require a computer
went and bought some clothes recently, also lost a friday night to sake
looking forward to a few days off from school, have a bit of the burnout
prolly gonna travel in the ol korea and see some new places, be good to get out of seoul for a few days
i may, but more likely will not, post 30-32 pictures of my 30th year, i can give you locations and people likely to show up
(buffalo, washington dc, baltimore, new york city, chicago, milwaukee, toronto, seoul)
(buck, kristin, rod, family, divya, steve, nick, michele, aaron, geoffrey, gina, sarah, andrea, mel, gregory)
actually, i will stop this list now as it occurs to me i may have to do some drafting to figure out how i would reduce my year to 30-32 pictures, also it kinda amazes me that some people that i was hanging out with alot last april/may have kind of vanished, even by the time i moved to seoul. it doesnt make me sad, but it does leave me a bit confused.

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Ryan W. said...

I think the lack of periods makes things easier to read.