Tuesday, January 20, 2009

press play and read while the audio (video unimportant) goes

this was on full blast in my local grocery store and a man was shouting over the top of it selling radishes and other such things. i was already a bit dazed, took nap, have been watching too much OZ, woke up, had a pepsi, trying to set my emotional barometer to a normalized level. suddenly i was transported back to buffalo, circa 1995, with nick, iwan, karen, and others into asberry alley (ashberry ?) and suffered another mental shift. the second in the last 45 minutes. very confusing, all of it. especially as i then struggled trying to figure out which rice to buy. the size wasn't the issue, i knew the size i wanted to buy. size was not the issue, as previously stated, the type of rice was the issue. and was it even rice. this is, after all, asia. they have many different grains.

i know what white rice looks like in hanguel, sadly, and of course, nothing says just white rice on it as companies put other information on their labels to sell their products and to build brand equity. i was in a circle of hell. and transported (as mentioned) by the song being played, and wondering if the man yelling over the perversely quick beat--especially for post-work grocery shopping--actually helped sell more of 'x'.

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