Wednesday, October 22, 2008

making plans

i have been teaching my class how to make plans, prefacing it by telling them 'it is one of the most useful things you can do in english'. no idea if that is true or not, however i have made tentative plans for the summer and thought i would share them here.

i will go to scotland in august and visit mr ross gardiner before i go to portugal for a wedding. while in scotland, we aim to introduce comic vignette #4.

comic vignette #4
equipment: hand held camera, modes of transport
setting: anywhere, especially pubs

kev kev enters numerous scottish pubs. the camera should already be placed inside, it follows his walk up to the bar.

kev kev (with pride) Hello, and how are you? My name is Michael Jefferson, from the States, and I would just love to try one of your famous fried Scottish cunts.


KRIS said...

gotta's not as funny hearing it the second time around.

Ross Gardiner said...

Don't worry mate, it'll be funny, we'll show them. But be prepared to get YOUR cunt battered and fried.